Fairy wings are wonderful to own but difficult to store without damaging & awkward to travel with when you head to festivals, photoshoots & parties. With this in mind, I decided to make Fairy Fantasia wings so they come apart & store flat. I ship wings in double walled extra large laptop boxes & am currently storing 8 sample sets safely in one 7cm high box.

The four acetate & vinyl wing sections each come with a rubber plug on the tips of their wire supports, which are plugged in to the satin bound ‘U’ brace to assemble.

The plugs are made to be tight, so plugging in the wings can be made much easier by dribbling hand sanitiser into the brace & applying a small amount to each of the four plugs.

Once the alcohol in the lubricant has evaporated, *if you wish to ensure the wing sections will not wiggle themselves loose when wearing, you can fix the wings in place by dripping a little glue into the top of each side of the brace but obviously this may mean you can no longer dis-assemble them x

How to wear them

Necklines: you will need a back neckline that falls ideally just under your shoulder blades, so that the wings ‘grow’ from the right place.

U Brace: Fairy Fantasia Wings are on a ‘U’ brace fixing which slips down the back of your dress/corset & gives a realistic effect. In order to stay in the right place, whatever you choose to clamp the brace against your body needs to be close fitting. There are various ways to do this

  • your dress has a built in boned corset
  • you wear an elasticated bodycon dress
  • you wear a corset under your dress/top or as your top
  • you wear an elastic waspie/wide elastic belt/waist clincher/belly band/waist cincher/waist trainer under your clothing
  • you wear the right underwear combination like high waisted shapewear pants & a bra or long line bra

*Note: You don’t need to wear underwear or waist elastic that’s crazy tight, just fitted. If you don’t want to pull your waist in, get yourself a waist clincher that’s a size or two bigger, so there’s only a bit of stretch to do up the hooks.

You can wear looser clothing over the top, as long as the brace is supported by wearing the right thing underneath.

Alternative fixings: it’s very easy to make elastic straps for your fairy wings by tying them to each side of the wings where the wires meet the brace & slipping them over your arms ‘backpack’ style. You still slip the back down your top, if possible & ideally down the inside of your bra (if you wear one) for a bit of added support.

Use elastic about 1cm wide for your straps in a colour that best matches your outfit. You can buy a lovely elastic called ‘fold over elastic’ from places like Krafty Koala in lots of colours or you may find a pair of clear elastic bra straps are long enough to work with.

With elastic straps: Work out how long you need to make them with them stretched a bit, with a bit extra to wrap over the wires & either sew the ends or knot them. Flatten the loop of elastic so it’s doubled & wrap it over the wires where the wing panels meet the brace, open up one end into a loop & feed the other end of the flattened strap through & pull tight. Repeat on the other side.

With bra straps: I would sew the ends together, after you have wrapped one end over the wing panel wires where they meet the brace & then repeat on the other side. Use the slider to adjust the length.