All videos & photographs taken in natural light.

Below 5 of the 7 finishes available for the main collection with the Clear & Iridescent Crackle bases: White Pearlescent | White Micro Glitter | Gold Mirror | Silver Mirror | Black Gloss

More swatches: *please note these change according to how the light hits them & if they are back lit.


Vinyl: a sticky backed medium that can be machine cut into intricate patterns & comes in many finishes.

Ombre: When one colour bleeds into another.

Lined: Not all vinyls have interesting backs like the gold double sided mirror or silver holographic. Many of the fancy vinyls have plain white or another random colour backing. Lined means I layered the fancy vinyl onto a plain matching colour gloss to give the back a matching colour.

Holographic: The main colour has a rainbow finish when the wing is bounced around in the light.

Mirror: Mirror shine finish.

Iridescent: similar to holographic, a pretty rainbow effect on the crackle effect.

Pearlescent: very soft, subtle rainbow effect.

Gloss: Shiny

Acetate: clear plastic like material that forms the main wing.