Hello to all the faerie folk at heart & creatives looking for beautiful fairytale wings.

My name is Chantal Mallett & my design background is as a couture bridalwear designer who makes very fantasy & historical inspired gowns. The wings featured on the site are my unique take on fairy wings; inspired by the floral motifs on embroideries & French lace that I work with; appliqueing, hand painting & beading in my main career, translated into hand drawn silhouettes before being digitised & made into wings.

I wanted to create wings that were beautiful close up & look very elegant & sophisticated, that were suitable for clients to wear with all sorts of looks including high end bridal gowns for weddings, for photographic campaigns, costume parties, industry events, festivals, music videos & props for performers, films, television & theatre. When I designed them originally, my mission & ultimately my main motivation for designing a collection of wings was to create wings that could be used with my couture gowns for photoshoots & industry events because, certainly here in the UK, I had struggled to find suitable options available for me, when I needed wings.

It took a year of research & development, which was the upside of the 2020/21 lockdowns. Involved lots of wrong turns & prototypes that I would not want to put my name to before I struck upon a concept that I think looks so pretty, totally Chantal Mallett in design & that I am very proud to put my name to; which I do, as I initial ‘CM’ on every set of wings on the lower right hand side wing x

Wing signature ‘CM’ for maker Chantal Mallett